Farhad Shahbazi Firooz


Welcome to my “Tools of the Trade” page, where I introduce the key components that drive my digital workflow. Much like a chef relies on their choice of knives, I’ve thoughtfully curated a set of tools to optimize my work efficiency and productivity (or at least, that’s the goal). Please keep in mind that this is just a concise overview of my toolkit.

At the heart of my work is my primary workstation, running openSUSE Linux. It is complemented by KDE, which serves as my preferred desktop environment. Over time, I’ve transitioned to KDE from Tiling window managers due to its rich features and customization options.

A significant portion of my work revolves around software development. I work with a range of programming languages and tools, including Go, JavaScript, Perl, and Python. However, I’m not limited to these languages and enjoy exploring others for various projects.

Emacs is the versatile platform where I handle tasks such as coding, writing, emailing, and note-taking. It’s my digital Swiss Army knife.

For web browsing, I’ve chosen Firefox, a browser that aligns with my commitment to privacy and open standards.

When it comes to databases, I firmly believe that PostgreSQL and SQLite stand as the top contenders for robust data management.

In server environments, I’m experienced in managing a blend of operating systems including FreeBSD, Debian, openSUSE, Enterprise Linux and its derivatives.